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Vibe. It's what everyone desires but few bands can deliver. SDB is so much more than a bunch of thrown together musicians with their heads buried in music stands. SDB is an experience. The music is tight, the threads are fresh and best of all, these group of friends just downright have fun. With weekly residencies on the Las Vegas strip, walking into a live show is like walking into a prohibition era speakeasy in the 1930's. 80's, 90's and contemporary songs are given a whole new vintage sound. Dave Surrat from CityLife Weekly magazine describes them as ".....popular songs served chilled with a splash of burbon, barbecue sauce and a vanilla hookah". SDB can go from a simple piano trio perfect for background music up to a 9 piece band with full horn section, sexy female vocalist, onstage swing dancers and a DJ/fake bartender for a true on stage speakeasy experience. So for your next "special" event. Do you want vibe? Do you want an experience? Or do you want more of the same? I think the answer is simple. SDB. Everything new just got old again.


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